Species-appropriate soil husbandry of the animals

A species-appropriate attitude of our turkeys is very important to us for several reasons. On the one hand, the animals themselves are very close to our hearts. In addition, as a family business, we have a certain self-interest in healthy turkey meat, as we also like to eat it ourselves. On the other hand, it is important to us to be able to offer our customers good meat quality. This can be significantly improved by the posture. The happier and less stressful the turkeys grow up, the healthier they are and the better the quality of our turkey meat. That is why we broke away from the big slaughterhouses and their price dictates a long time ago. In retrospect, this step proved to be the right one. Incidentally, we also owe this to you, our customers.

Due to our independence, we can now decide for ourselves how many animals we can accommodate in a stable. For this reason, our turkeys now have more than twice as much space on average compared to a typical turkey farm. Apart from that, the open construction of our turkey stables allows a constant circulation of fresh air. So our turkeys do not have to do without fresh air. But the turkeys do not lack daylight either. Because through the open side walls, depending on the weather, the sun also likes to shine.

Since the typical turkey has a mature play instinct, we have also installed pick toys in our stables. So he can pursue his natural play instinct. In addition, the toy also helps to cope with stress. Like all birds, turkeys like to sit slightly elevated. That's why we've also installed raised platforms to replace perches.

Because transparency is very important to us: If you want to get an idea of our turkey barn for yourself, you are welcome to get a personal impression. Several curious customers have already made use of this offer, including Ms. Meiselbach. She has written a detailed report with pictures about her visit to us and published it under happycarb.de.

Home-grown, healthy turkey food from Ullrichs Putenhof

Ullrichs Putenhof has emerged from a small family farm. From this time there were still fields available, which were cultivated externally. Since it was only a matter of time to integrate the fields meaningfully into the overall concept. Since that time, wheat, maize and since 2013 also soy have been grown without genetic engineering on their own farm and processed into turkey feed on site. This not only tastes good to our turkeys. Another factor that contributes to the excellent meat quality.

Every life of a turkey is important to us

All these precautions make a decisive contribution to ensuring that our animals are exposed to less stress and thus remain healthy and lively. We have our turkeys homeopathically cared for by the poultry health service Heidelberg. This form of care is very important to us, as we want to avoid medication as much as possible (also for our own interest). By the way, every life counts: Regardless of this, we have set up a separé for special cases where individual turkeys can recover and recover faster in the event of illness and accidents.

Short transport routes to the slaughterhouse

As already mentioned, stress in particular is a big factor in the quality of turkey meat. Fortunately, our animals can do without long arduous animal transports. Our two turkey stables are five minutes away from our slaughterhouse.

These conditions ensure the excellent quality of our turkey meat.

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