We grow the turkey feed for our turkeys ourselves.

After the turkey stables were built and we had switched to a more species-appropriate gentle husbandry, it was only a matter of time before we changed the feed accordingly.

"Ullrichs Putenhof" emerged from a family farm. Therefore, in addition to turkey rearing, several fields were in possession. Until then, these were managed independently of the turkey farm. After striving to make our turkey meat even healthier, it was of course obvious to grow the feed ourselves and to integrate the existing fields into the overall concept in a meaningful way.

And you can taste it. Try turkey meat from Ullrichs Putenhof. You will taste the difference.

Landwirtschaft (Ullrichs Putenhof)Landwirtschaft (Ullrichs Putenhof) Landwirtschaft (Ullrichs Putenhof) Landwirtschaft (Ullrichs Putenhof) Mais (Ullrichs Putenhof) Weizen (Ullrichs Putenhof)Putenfutter (Ullrichs Putenhof)

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