IMPORTANT! Please note that for organizational reasons we can not send turkeys WITHOUT liquid seasoning in the entire month of December. If you need a turkey without liquid seasoning for your Christmas feast, then we ask you to specify a date before 01.12. for your order and freeze the turkey. Thank you for your understanding.

Your desired weight is not available? Then have a look here as well. If you would like to buy a turkey for Christmas, please also see our Christmas shipping information.

  1. How heavy does my turkey have to be?
  2. Desired date: When will my turkey be delivered?
  3. How far in advance do I need to buy my turkey?
  4. How will my turkey be delivered?
  5. How long can I store the turkey?
  6. How can I prepare my turkey?
  7. Turkey or turkey, what's the difference?
  8. How will my turkey be raised?
  9. Buying stuffing for my turkey?
  10. Will my turkey fit in my oven?
  1. How heavy does my turkey need to be?

    Depending on the number of people, you should buy the following turkey :
    8 people approx. 4 kg turkey
    10 people approx. 5 kg turkey
    12 people approx. 6 kg turkey
    14 people approx. 7 kg turkey
    16 people approx. 8 kg turkey
    18 people approx. 9 kg turkey
    20 people approx. 10 kg turkey

    Of course, the weights may vary depending on how much your guests eat. We have divided our turkeys into weight classes. You can select the appropriate class further up in the article. In most cases we can meet the ordered weight class. Since our turkeys are still alive, the weight cannot always be predicted exactly. Therefore, we ask for your understanding if you buy a turkey from us and the weight can not be met in rare cases. Should this be the case, we will include a turkey leg as compensation. So you don't have to be afraid that your guests won't be satisfied.
  2. Desired date: When will my turkey be delivered?

    If you buy a turkey in our online shop, you can choose between standard or express delivery. With express delivery, the service provider guarantees delivery within 24 hours. With standard shipping, the goods are usually delivered within 1 - 3 days, from dispatch. In principle, standard shipping is sufficient. A delivery on a specific date can only be guaranteed by express shipping. By the way, you can find our shipping days here.

    You can select an appropriate delivery date during the ordering process on the page of the shipping methods. This may vary depending on the shipping method you choose.
  3. Do you take pre-orders for Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter?

    You are welcome to place your order in advance with us for special holidays such as Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving. Conveniently use the date field during the ordering process to do so.
  4. How far in advance do I need to purchase my turkey?

    Please purchase your turkey at least 8 days in advance. Since we can only raise a limited number of turkeys, there are always shortages, especially at Christmas. Therefore, we recommend that you order your turkey for Christmas 2 - 3 weeks in advance.
  5. How will my turkey be delivered?

    You will receive your turkey in a bag. This will be in a straw insulated cardboard box along with ice packs (some will be in polystyrene boxes until the remaining stock is used up). Once received, you can either use the cardboard box as a cooler or put it in the recycling bin to be recycled. The turkey itself is already gutted and cleaned ready for cooking. Inside you will find a small packet containing the liver and gizzard, you will need to remove these before roasting. With the giblets you can conjure up a delicious stuffing. But also the pets are always happy about a delicious gift for Christmas or Easter. The turkey also comes with the turkey neck. This, together with vegetables, is ideal for use as a filling for a tasty poultry broth. We leave the neck skin on the turkey, as with the Americans. This is often used to sew up the opening after stuffing. It gets nice and crispy when roasted.
  6. How long can I store the turkey?

    You take the turkey out of the box, but leave it in the bag until you are ready to cook it. Place the bag with the turkey on the bottom shelf of your refrigerator for storage. Alternatively, you can store it in our cardboard box. However, you must make sure that the temperature is maintained at a maximum of 4 degrees. To do this, you can, for example, freeze cold packs in advance, which you then always exchange for ours. This way the turkey will keep at least until the following Sunday.
  7. What do I need to prepare my turkey?

    What you need to prepare your turkey is some time, a bottle of beer, your favorite barbecue seasoning and of course your oven. With the beer and the barbecue seasoning, you will make yourself a delicious marinade. Alternatively, other marinades are of course possible. There are no limits to your imagination here. By the way, we recommend that you use a roast thermometer. To determine the core temperature, prick the thickest part of the turkey breast of the turkey roast with the thermometer.
  8. Will

    my turkey fit in my oven?

    Again, our years of experience come in handy. Turkeys up to 11 kilos will fit in a standard German oven. No one has ever reported anything else to us in over 20 years. Some customers have even accommodated 12 kilos. However, we do not guarantee this. If the turkey is just too big, you can tie the wings and thighs together. To give you a better idea, we have measured some turkeys from different weight classes as an example:

    6 kg turkey approx. 34 x 24 x 24 cm
    10 kg turkey approx. 43 x 30 x 30 cm
  9. How do I prepare my turkey?

    Preparing a turkey from Ullrichs Putenhof is child's play, even for beginners. This is also the opinion of our regular customers (see our numerous customer opinions). We recommend preparing the turkey at low cooking temperature. You can find out exactly how to do this on the preparation instructions provided (or in the text below!), which originally came from an American friend of ours. Following these instructions is not only super easy, but also extremely straightforward. Because you don't have to wrap the turkey with aluminum foil, nor do you have to constantly douse it with a solution.

    Preparation time: Per kilogram of meat we calculate about 1 hour plus an additional 2 hours. Place the turkey on its back on the grill. For a tasty sauce, chop vegetables such as leeks, onions, garlic or carrots and place them in a deeper baking tray underneath. Then fill the baking tray with about 2 - 3 cm of water.

    Level 1: You start at 100°C circulating air. After one to two hours, check whether the core temperature in the breast has reached 60-65°C (meat thermometer necessary).

    Stage 2: When the core temperature has been reached, ventilate the oven briefly and turn down to 60-65°C. The meat should now be cooked until just before it reaches the core temperature. The meat should now continue to cook until just before serving.

    About 45-60 minutes before serving, drain vegetables and juices. Sauté the vegetables in a pan, mix with the gravy, puree, season and finish.

    Step 3: Around 30 minutes before serving, mix some beer and your favourite barbecue seasoning until thick, brush in turkey and roast at 180-200°C fan oven until crisp to your liking.
  10. How do I keep my turkey nice and juicy?

    We guarantee if you follow our cooking advice provided, your turkey will be crispy on the outside and stay nice and juicy on the inside. The important thing to remember is not to exceed the core temperature.

    For added safety, we offer to brine the turkey for you and inject a liquid seasoning under the skin. The seasoning consists of water, rock salt and natural spices. It does not contain any additives or allergens. The contained rock salt preserves in a natural way. This also extends the shelf life of the turkey by about 2 - 3 days. By injecting the spice brine penetrates much better into the meat than if you just pickle the turkey. IMPORTANT! Since our liquid seasoning contains rock salt, you should save on salt when stuffing and marinating. Also, do not rub the inside of the turkey with salt.

    + The turkey meat stays nice and juicy when roasting
    + Rock salt preserves or extends the shelf life
    + The rather neutral tasting turkey breast meat gets a subtle roast taste
    + Since subtle, it fits tastefully to all fillings or marinades
    + Only natural spices are used. There are no allergens or additives
    + You don't have to brine the turkey
  11. Buy stuffing for my turkey?

    The typical American eats the turkey with the appropriate stuffing. Stuffing is nothing more than stuffing. The great thing about it is that you can always rediscover the turkey roast through the many different stuffings and variations. Stuffing is simply eaten with the turkey as a side dish after roasting. We offer handmade stuffings to go with your turkey. You can choose to fill it yourself or have us fill it for you. To do this, simply select a stuffing under "For this we recommend ...". On the product page of the stuffing you then have to select the appropriate weight of the turkey you ordered.
  12. Turkey or turkey, what's the difference?

    Customers often call us and ask what the exact difference is. Many also believe that turkey meat is much tougher and juicier than turkey. As experts with years of experience, we can assure you there is none. Although turkey and turkey are two different words, both terms refer to the same species of animal. Turkey stands for the female and turkey for the male animal. In the trade, however, no distinction is made between turkey and turkey for good reason. In all the years of our company's history, we have not been able to detect any perceptible difference in taste or quality between turkey and turkey. Differences in quality are mainly due to the way the animals are kept.
  13. How is my turkey raised?

    We raise our turkeys ourselves. Find out more about how we raise our turkeys: Species-appropriate rearing at Ullrichs Putenhof.

Data sheet

GLUTEN-FREE (gluten-free)
WITHOUT celery
WITHOUT milk (lactose-free)
WITHOUT peanuts
WITHOUT sesame
Shelf life
from shipping: 5 days (at 4,0°C)
Bewertet mit 4.95 auf einer Skala von 1 - 5 basierend auf 272 Kundenbewertungen
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Frisch und lecker

Das war unsere erste Erfahrung mit Ulrichs Putenhof und ich bin begeistert. Die Abwicklung via Internet ging einfach. Wir haben eine Pute zu einem festen Termin bestellt und es hat alles geklappt. Es gab immer wieder ein Feedback zum "Stand der Dinge" und dann war das Prachtstück püntklich und frisch bei uns. Dank eines tollen Rezeptes und der guten Qualität des Truthahns konnten wir ein tolles Weihnachtsessen geniessen. Vielen Dank!

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Sehr gut

Wie jedes Mal war der Truthahn sehr sehr gut. Das Fleisch hat eine super Qualität und es war sehr lecker.

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Wie immer Perfekt

Von der Zahlung über Lieferung bis zum Essen, alles super!!!

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Alles bestens. Vielen Dank

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Die Pute war frisch gegrillt sehr gut mit großem Brustanteil. <br /> Was übrig war, wurde am nächsten Tag gewärmt und das Fleisch hat dann nicht mehr natürlich, sondern gesalzen geschmeckt.<br /> Kaufe sicher wieder eine Pute bei Ihnen, dann aber natur.

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